• Collect cents off fuel when you purchase specially marked items in participating Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods Grocery Stores.
  • Clip digital coupons, browse our weekly ad and make electronic shopping lists.
  • Receive special rewards for liquor, baby and pet clubs.
  • And so much more!

While you’ll be eligible to collect rewards, you won’t be able to redeem any rewards until you’ve completed registration.

More Rewards are our way of saying thank you for shopping with us. Since 1921, we’ve been in the business of serving the needs of our guests and we’re excited to offer more reasons for you to visit our stores. The program is designed to improve your shopping experience and reward your loyalty in new and exciting ways.

more Rewards members enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Fuel Rewards
    • Save cents off per gallon of fuel at participating Coborns's Express, Little Duke's, Holiday StationStores and Marketplace Foods Express locations.1
  • Pet & Baby Rewards
    • Receive a $10 reward for every $200 you spend on pet and baby items.2
  • Digital Ads, Offers and Shopping Lists
  • Exclusive In-Store Offers
    • Download our more Rewards Mobile app to receive special offers while you shop!
  • ..and of course, MORE!

1 Fuel discount can be applied to a maximum of 15 gallons. Fuel reward redeemable at Little Dukes and participating Holiday Stationstores only gas stations only. Fuel rewards expire 30 days from date collected. Grocery rewards cannot be applied to purchases of liquor, pharmacy prescriptions, tobacco, lottery tickets, stamps, gift cards (both Coborn’s / Cash Wise / Marketplace Foods and third-party vendors), money orders, check fees, Western Union, notary services or sales tax.

2 Pet and Baby Points never expire. Pet and Baby Rewards can only be applied to grocery purchases, excluding purchases of liquor, pharmacy, tobacco, lottery tickets, stamps, or gift cards (both Coborn’s / Cash Wise / Marketplace Foods and third-party vendors), money orders and cannot be applied to sales tax.

3 Due to state regulations, Liquor Points can only be collected and redeemed on liquor purchases. Liquor points expire 30 days after collected.

There is no cost to become a more Rewards member – it’s FREE! And getting signed up is simple:

  • Ask a cashier for a more Rewards brochure at check out. You can start using your more Rewards number immediately, but you’ll need to complete registration online to receive the full benefit of membership.

There are many ways to register your account.

  • Download the more Rewards app and follow the prompts to register.
  • Go directly to moreRewards.com to activate online.
  • Visit a more Rewards kiosk in our store. Register online or have a Guest Service Representative assist you.

Collect rewards just by shopping in our participating stores and purchasing eligible products. Plus additional more Rewards benefits.

Only specially marked items qualify for Fuel Rewards.

Local and federal laws regulate the promotion and rewarding of certain purchases, so more Rewards is designed to operate within compliance of these regulations. Please note that Coborns, Inc. reserves the right to exclude additional items at any time during the program. Rewards may be deducted for the equivalent amount of any returns or credits.

You can use your more Rewards account immediately to receive more Reward member rewards and begin collecting on eligible purchases. However, you will need to activate your membership by registering your first and last name, address, telephone number and email address. You can complete this registration step here and begin redeeming rewards.

Every time you make a purchase with your more Rewards account, simply check your receipt to see how many rewards you collected for that transaction. Your receipt will also show how many you’ve accumulated to date. You can also check your rewards here or on the in-store kiosk.

No, there is no limit to how many points or rewards you can collect, however, keep in mind that Fuel Rewards and Liquor Points expire 30 days after they’re collected.

If you have your receipt, you can fill out this form to have your account credited. Your receipt must be within 14 days of submission and please allow five business days for your account to be credited.

All more Fuel and Liquor Rewards expire 30 days from date earned. Pet points expire 12 months from the date earned. Baby points never expire. Once earned, Pet and Baby $10 rewards expire 30 days.

You can collect rewards at all Coborn’s, Cash Wise or Marketplace Food stores, except Fuel Rewards in Jamestown, ND.

No, MORE Rewards are not transferable and accounts cannot be combined.

Rewards collected for certain programs will print on your grocery and liquor receipts. Paying at the pump will not provide a summary receipt.

Without a more Rewards account you will not enjoy the more Fuel, Baby, Pet, Liquor, Turkey Rewards, etc. You will also miss out on our special promotions and offers.

All information will appear on your receipt. You can also check your balance through your more Rewards account here. You can also call our helpline at: 1-844-700-MORE or email us here.

No. You will be able to redeem your paper receipts until they expire. See your receipts for expiration dates. You will want to start using your more Rewards account to accumulate rewards for future use.

Yes, the amount of Fuel Rewards redeemed cannot exceed the cost of your fuel purchase. In order to obide by certain state laws we must charge at least 2¢ per gallon of fuel.

When paying at the Pump:
Enter your phone number when prompted before pumping your gas. The price per gallon will be reduced at the pump upon paying.
NOTE:Due to system limitations, you will not be able to select the level of discount applied, the system will take the highest available. For example, if you have 45¢ in Fuel Rewards, the price will be rolled back $0.45. You are not able to choose a lesser amount.

When paying inside:
Provide your phone number or more Rewards number to the cashier and price will be reduced from total transaction, up to 20 gallons of fuel.

Any fuel pump equipped to redeem MORE rewards will deduct the maximum available balance from your rewards account. If you would like to continue to grow your fuel rewards balance, select “no” when prompted to use fuel rewards at the pump or by the cashier. If you do choose to grow your fuel rewards balance, don’t forget that cents off rewards expire 30 days from being collected.

Go to any Little Dukes, Coborn's Express, Marketplace Foods Express or participating Holiday StationStores. Click here for participating locations.

Yes, all more Fuel Rewards points expire after 30 days.

Discounts cannot reduce the price below a minimum per-gallon price, which typically ranges from $0.019 and $0.109, depending on the pump. For example, if you have $4 per gallon in discounts and gas is $3.51 per gallon, the pump rolls back to a minimum and the excess discount of $.49 per gallon will remain in your account and can be used on a future transaction. Expiration rules apply. A maximum of 20 gallons per visit can use fuel discounts at time of purchase.

You will automatically receive points for these items when you purchase eligible products in these categories, however you must register your account to redeem the reward.

Once you reach 200 Pet or Baby Points, our cashier will prompt you on your next transaction of $10 or more that your reward is available for use. The transaction must be at least $10 of qualifying grocery items, excluding purchases of liquor, pharmacy, tobacco, lottery tickets, stamps, or gift cards (both Coborn’s / Cash Wise / Marketplace Foods and third-party vendors), and money orders. The reward cannot be applied to sales tax. Pet and Baby Rewards expire 30 days from the date earned, so we recommend you redeem your reward when the cashier prompts you.

Liquor points expire 30 days after date earned. Pet points expire 12 months from date earned. Baby Points never expire. Once earned, Pet and Baby $10 rewards expire 30 days.

Only one promotion may be used per transaction at Little Dukes, Coborn's Express or Marketplace Foods Express locations. Some Holiday Stationstore promotions may be combined, please check with Holiday Stationstore manager for full eligibility rules and details.

Registration is needed to activate your more Rewards membership and allow you to redeem your collected rewards. If you do not register your more membership, you will not be able to participate in certain discounts and receive other benefits.

Phone number is required to make you eligible for all the features of the program, etc. Without the information, you will only be able to receive normal product discounts. New members will be able to collect discounts, but not redeem discounts, nor collect or redeem perks until the required information is provided.

Shoppers increasingly value personalization and offers on relevant products and the only way to do that is to collect some level of information. Your name, email, phone number, or other information will never be sold to an outside company.

Our more Rewards Program does not require a card and uses your phone number or alternate ID at checkout to reference your account. However, we understand that some people do prefer a card. You can use the temporary card provided in the more Rewards brochure, or print your own card by logging into your more Rewards account. Visit here to login. Once logged in, click on the my profile icon and select “Print MORE ID.”

If you’ve registered, your account number is the same as your phone number. If you haven’t registered, please contact our more Rewards helpdesk through email here or call toll free 1-844-700-MORE.

To update your profile, please login. Once you’ve logged in select My Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Do not forget to save your changes.

To update your password, please login. Once you’ve logged in select My Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Do not forget to save your changes.

Yes. Multiple cards with separate account numbers can be linked to accumulate discounts, which are redeemed in one transaction. You can get an additional card at your store. To link cards, email us the more helpdesk at here or call the more helpline: 1-844-700-MORE

  • If you received a new card and the card numbers are the same and were previously linked, your new cards will also be linked. Both cards will still need to be activated.
  • If you picked up new cards, you will need to activate both cards and request to link the cards together. Please provide us with the card numbers that need to be linked.
  • Call more Rewards helpline or email our helpdesk to proceed: 1-844-700-MORE or email here.

If you need additional assistance, email us here or call the more Rewards helpline at 1-844-700-MORE

Yes, and you can use your mobile app credentials to log into your moreRewards.com account.

Creating an account allows you to view all rewards online, customize your profile and more! Once you have created your account, you can modify your preferences at any time by clicking “Edit Profile” on the top right corner.

From your smart phone, search the Apple App Store or Google Play store for “More Rewards

Sure, you can always stop by your nearest store and visit Guest Services. You can also contact our more Rewards helpline through email here or by calling toll-free 1-844-700-MORE.

Yes, you can do so at any time. If you decide to end your participation or want to stop receiving promotional communications Contact Guest Services through email here or call toll free at 1-844-700-MORE.

Coborn’s Inc., will not share any of your personal information with any third parties, except to the extent necessary to administer the Rewards Program. Coborn’s Inc., does not knowingly sell, license or rent any Guest information to outside parties for any purpose. For more information, please see our privacy policy at Coborns.com

If you believe someone has used your more Rewards account, contact our more Rewards helpdesk through email here or call toll free at 1-844-700-MORE.

Didn't receive your rewards?

Click here to request a credit to your MORE Rewards account. You will need your receipt.

Additional Questions?